Residential Services


We can deal with every computer problem you throw at us, whether it affects a desktop, laptop, netbook or PC. You don’t need to know what’s wrong . We hear the phrase “it won’t work” few times a day and we do love a challenge. We’ll ask some questions, dig in, find the solution and fix it. We can resolve issues in our workshop or in your home. Just call us and we’ll figure out which is best.

If your computer is running slow, keeps crashing or freezing, web pages take forever to load, programs slow to start up or even worse do you get blue screens also known as, “The Blue Screen Of Death” . The chances are your computer is infected with Spyware, Malware or even worse Trojan Horses. Sadly, more and more viruses are slipping through the net and causing havoc. We’re always one step ahead so we can banish them from your computer and can prescribe simple measures to protect its future. If your computer is not infected it may just be running slow because it has not been regularly updated with the latest hardware and software updates, patches and drivers.

Whatever the problem is we will get your computer or laptop up and running to its best again and secure against future threats. If your computer is uneconomical to fix then we can help find a new one. We’ll talk through your needs, suggest options to try, transfer all your data from your old one and set up everything new. We’ll even install software, tweak settings and ensure it’s ready to use.

Your old computer won’t waste away on a landfill site. We do everything we can to protect the environment so we’ve teamed up with local enterprises and Microsoft to recycle dead systems. We aim to provide our customers with a same day PC repair service as standard and most of the problems can be fixed within a few hours.