PC Health Check


Just like a oil change on your car, your PC needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. Over a period of time unused files build up on your hard disk, old software that is no longer used remains in your operating system and programs you never needed in the first place write themselves into the registry!

All these things affect the efficiency of your computer – making it take much longer to open programs and applications. To keep your computer running well and even increasing it’s performance, have a PC health check at least once a year.

What does the health check entail?

  • Software & hardware diagnostics
  • Installing Windows updates and security patches
  • We’ll clean out the inside of your PC (not laptops)
  • We will ask you about your old programs and unused software
  • Streamline your registry for faster startups

Can you come to my home for a PC health check?

Of course. All of our engineers are available for home and office visits. Just give us a call at 623-565-8235 and we’ll take care of the rest!