Home Networking


With the emergence of high speed internet (broadband), networking has become common in many homes. Whether it’s a desktop wired into a router, or a laptop working wirelessly, the home network is becoming a necessity. Additionally, many printers and multifunction machines utilize the home network as well. Networking and routers can quickly become complex, especially when problems occur.

Wireless broadband and security

It’s easy to plug in the broadband equipment without going through the advanced setup. However, this can leave your wireless network unencrypted. That will allow anyone to log on and use your connection. There are 2 problems with this. If other computers are using your network, your connection will slow down. You may find it hard to log onto the internet and download files as your bandwidth is being eaten up by your neighbor for free!

Who is surfing your wireless internet connection?

Secondly and more importantly, you don’t know what sort of sites they are visiting and what they are downloading. Even worse – all activity on your broadband connection is logged under your name and your account. This is not a position you want to put yourself in. We will ensure that your wireless equipment is secure and that your internet connection is used only by you.

Why use a wireless router to connect to the internet?

Setting up your PC or laptop with a wireless router and broadband connection gives you the freedom to surf the net from anywhere in the house and even your garden. You can also add your home games console to your network allowing you to move away from the main computer room and into any room of the house. Smart phones access the internet much more quickly through Wifi. You’ll also be able to share files across PCs and laptops or print off a document from your laptop to the printer upstairs.

Upgrading to a wireless network

If you want the extra freedom and functionality of wireless and your broadband provider has only supplied you with a broadband modem, we can upgrade your router so you can access the internet from anywhere in your house.