Resilient And Flexible I.T. Services.

The reliance on local and wide area networking is becoming an ever-critical pillar in delivering resilient and flexible IT services. With this in mind it is important that your business considers how the network can enable your workforce to take advantage of the true modern workplace. Whether this is through cloud delivered services, or empowering users to work collaboratively on the device of their choosing.

Local Area Network

Whether you maintain services onsite or move to the cloud, a robust local network is key to service delivery. CS Computer Solutions works with many companies to provide Enterprise networking based on the requirements of your systems, users and devices. With many businesses residing across a number of sites, CS Computer Solutions recommends the use of Aruba Central. This provides a single management and monitoring solution for both wired and wireless network deployments.


With so many employees relying on connectivity, it’s a critical ingredient in your success. Often overlooked, it’s the underlying network infrastructure responsible for delivering compute, storage and application resources to the business – as well as ensuring a seamless user experience. From business broadband internet connections to carrier independent Leased Line services our products and services offer robust, reliable connectivity and can be remotely monitored.


MPLS enables multiple circuits to feed into one secure, centralized core network, removing the need to add site-to-site leased lines. This highly scalable solution is perfect for businesses with multiple sites.


Simplify the management of multiple sites with scalable SD-WAN solutions. WAN link connections are continuously monitored and traffic is quickly rerouted when a link fails or becomes congested.

Wireless LAN

Wireless networking is no longer a nice to have for businesses. Users now expect to be able to move freely within their environment. It is important that Wireless solutions are planned for appropriately, with thought given to both security implications and the provision of adequate coverage. CS Computer Solutions works closely with our customers to ensure that wireless implementations are driving productivity.

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